Clayra Beau First Time Pulic Humiliation

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Clayra Beau works for Public Disgrace and after reviewing all the videos she got so urned on she asked to do a scene, someone should have told her watching one and actually being fucked in public are two different things. She is led into a bar, tied up and stripped in front of drunken strangers who are invited to join in.

She is blindfolded and zapped on her tits as she is fingered by strangers has to give forced blowjobs to anyone who wants it at one point with two cocks in her mouth. She is whipped then fisted to orgasm before being bent over. She has to swallow cock as she is fucked from behind while having her ass spanked and everyone cheering on.

Her tits are tied as the guys take turns fucking her pussy and making her give blowjobs till they are all satisfied by which time she has a sore pussy. She is made to sit down then for a face full of come from a bunvh of strangers. This is an excellent debut by someone pretty enough that she should have been doing this anyway. It can be found at Public Disgrace along with other public gang bang scenes.

Amy Brooke Has A Public Fucking

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Amy Brooke is led into a pizza shop with her arms tied behind her back and has her clothes ripped off in front of all the customers. She is made to give blowjobs to anyone who wants one as others are invited to fuck her ass with dildos. Giant anal beads are inserted to open her ass before she is ass fisted completing her public humiliation.

Her mouth is forced wide open for a deepthroat blowjob before she takes a load of cum to her face. Still covered in come they insert a ballgag and use shrink wrap to cover her face as she is led out to a van. Tommy and three strangers pinch her nipples and use dildos on her before she is forced to swallow cock again. She rides Tommys cock as the others pinch her nipples then one gets to join in as she is double penetrated. The double penetration goes on until they are all ready when they cover her face with come.

The public disgrace isn’t finished there though as she is led into a shop with her face still covered in cum and made to serve the customers.

Anal Queen Alysa Ass Fisted

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Alyssa is famous for having a big asshole but has never been dominated in public by someone like Princess Donna before. Donna is used to pushing limits so she knows what to do. She leads Alyssa naked into a room full of people, bends her over and spanks her ass. This is the only warmup Alyssa gets though as Donna fists her ass straight away after putting her in stocks so she can’t move.

Then to push her limits she double fists her ass before removing one hand to hold an Hitachi on her clit as she fists her pussy. She then uses an enema kit to fill her ass with water then holds the Hitachi in place as she is throat fucked until she quirts the water from her ass.  She then fists her ass and pussy at the same time as she chokes on cock.

She is ass fucked while having her pussy fisted then is switched around for her ass fisting while being pussy fucked all the time giving a forced deepthroat. She is double penetrated with a giant strapon and even Donna has her ass fisted. Alyssa also has her ass stretched wide using two hands.

Vivienne Del Rio Used In An All Girl Public Humiliation

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Vivienne Del Rio is led into an hair salon by Princess Donna. Tied up and naked an electric butt plug is inserted and a zapper used to zap her ass. She is made to lick shoes before nipple clamps are used with chain running through them. One woman is invited to pull the chain as a vibrator is used and she is squirted with water. Next she is bent over to be ass whipped before her tits are tied and ladies are invited to slap her tits. She gets finger fucked before a stick dildo brings a forced orgasm from her and a vibrator used on her sensitive clit straight after. She is strapon fucked, whipped and made to lick pussy as this public fuck becomes a public gang bang with all the girls joining in. This is a must see from Public Disgrace.

Wenona Takes Public Torture

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Wenona loves pain and the guys know this so when she is tied hands above her head and gagged they saw no reason to take it easy in front of their audience. Her knickers are ripped upwards until they tear and her nipples pinched red then nipple clamps added while her ass is whipped.

The nipple clamps have lots of weight added and she is made to jiggle by using a zapper on her ass. Pussy clamps are weighted down then the nipple clamps yanked hard stretching her nipples. The same happens with the pussy clamps which are ripped off then she is hung upside down with an Hitachi on her clit while she is face fucked.

An ass hook is inserted while her tits are slapped before she is led on her back, pegs on her tits, gagged and ass fucked. She is made to orgasm over and over while being face fucked and zapped with a cattle prod. She is made to lick ass while taking her first ever double penetration then skull fucked balls deep before licking pussy while being zapped with the prod again. You can see Wenona giving a forced blowjob at Public Disgrace.

Two Girls Fucked In Public

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This scene starts with one girl who refused to be named in a public square tied with her shirt over her head, tits exposed walking on a lead. She was taken to a mens public toilet and stripped and a vibrator used on her. She couldn’t handle the public fuck as men kept staring and quite but luckily Yoha was on hand. She’s led naked into a bar, hands tied and made to give forced blowjobs. People are invited to pinch her nipples as she is fingered and has her tits whipped. She is fingered to a forced orgasm as her tits are tortured. She then has a public gang bang before being covered in come. You can see how bad this can be for some women here at Public Disgrace.

Kelly Divine Ass Fisted In Public

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Kelly Divine is taken to a porn shop by Mark Davis and Princess Donna where she is tied and bent over to have her ass spanked. Donna pulls down Kellys top and pinches her nipples while some strangers are invited to feel her tits and one holds a vibrator to her pussy. She is blindfolded and made to suck cock while Mark fucks her from behind.

She is face fucked then bent over for Donna to finger her ass. Once loose enough a vibrator is held on her pussy as Donna fists her ass. She has her tits slapped before Mark fucks her ass from behind while a stranger sucks her nipples. One of the girls is then invited to strapon fuck her ass with a huge dildo while being vibrated to orgasm.

She is made to deepthroat Mark and both strapon dildos. She is fingered and vibrated to more orgasms before having her pussy slapped. She is led on her back and fucked by Mark and both girls with strapons before her eyes are held open as Mark cums on her face. You can see Kelly Divine strapon fucked in public at Public Disgrace.

Aurora Snow Gets A Public Fucking In A Bar

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With someone as famous as Aurora Snow it’s hard to know what to do, public humiliation is a good idea but the girl has no humility so they had to go as hard as possible. She is led to a bar and strangers rip her clothes off. They write on her in lipstick then watch as she is made to sit on a dildo. With her nipples pinched and legs held open she is made to come with a vibrator then made to suck cock as a cattle prod and pegs on nipples are used. She is bound and fucked while a member of the public is invited to rip off the pegs while she is giving a forced blowjob. She is fisted and ass fucked in bondage till James Deen is ready to come on her face. See more of this and many other public fuck scenes at Public Disgrace.

Jasmin Jolie Gets Too Much Public Fucking

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Jasmine will admit she is a cock whore who can’t get enough sex so Public Disgrace wanted to know how much she could handle. She’s stripped naked in a restaurant and all the guests are told to do anything they want to her. Her public humiliation starts off with one of the guests, Mark Davis pinching her nipples and things snowball from there. She gives a forced blowjob to three men then has her eyes covered while others do the same. Her tits are caned while her public fuck continues then she has her tits whipped and squeezed. After being fucked by many a vibrator is used till she has so many forced orgasms she starts crying. Not willing to let her off but feeling a bit sorry for her they start ass fucking her instead till she can barely walk then they leave her with her face covered in come knowing they had found her limit. A great scene which can also be found at Kink on demand where you only pay for the scenes you want.

Lindy Lanes Debut Public Sex Ends Up In Free Sex Show

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Lindy Lane was given a nice starter to her bdsm porn career, they left her in the charge of Princess Donna and John Henry for a scene from Public Disgrace. She is taken to a hardware store where they tie her hands behind her back leaving her helpless then fit a ballgag before showing her tits to the customers. Pegs are attached to her nipples then her dress is lifted showing her pussy and ass in a nice piece of public humiliation. Next the customers are invited to feel her tits and pussy as she is made to stand still. A blindfold is used so she doesn’t know who is doing what to her and she is given a dildo on a stick to suck on. She has loads of orgasms as she is told to pleasure the customers, sucking, fucking or handjobs, whichever they prefer. After being covered in come she is left hogtied by Donna and the customers are told to enjoy themselves. This whole public sex scene can be found at Public Disgrace.