Missy Woods Held Down In Laundrette For Public Sex

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Missy Woods is dragged to a laundrette by Mark And Donna in an attempt to teach her to behave tidy when they have friends over. They have already fitted her with a butt plug which they show the rest of the people in there when they lift her dress. When Missy doesn’t act like she has just been publicly humiliated they take it further using a large dildo in her ass to open her up. She gives Mark a forced blowjob while donna gives her a public whipping before being anal fucked by him. She has her ass whipping and tits whipped until Mark has come in her mouth then Donna gets the strangers to hold her down with a foot on each limb while she uses a vibrator to bring her to orgasm, Once finished she is sent into a bathroom to please a stranger with some public fucking then left handcuffed to a pole naked to be used. Public Disgrace has this and many other public sex videos.

Darling Tied And Electrocuted

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Darling made the mistake of asking for a challenge when she turned up for this shoot. They obliged, Tying her to a wooden post with her arms above her head a metal backd around her tits has electricity fired through it shocking her tits as the bystanders watch her public humiliation.

An Hitachi is tied between her legs and a sensor by her mouth, the more noise she makes the more of a shock she gets. Princess Donna cheats though using a cattle prod on her making her shout thus shocking her tits hard. Zippers are fitted down her sides and tits and ripped off as she orgasms.

They ask her to see how much electricity she can take putting the sensor in her mouth and making her shout louder and louder to get the numbers as high as possible. Tits tied and pegs on her nipples as she is skull fucked while being fingered soon has her having more orgasms than she can handle. She is fisted while an Hitachi is held on her clit and punished each time she orgasms.

She is double fisted and spit roasted before she is ass fucked while licking Mz Berlins ass. Each guy that cums leaves it on Berlins tits and Darling is made to lick it off while having her ass machine fucked. She goes through orgasm after orgasm till she screams before they let her go. You can see Darling take an ass fucking at Public Disgrace.

Cum Slut Holly Heart Has Sex In Public

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Holly Heart is a stunner with huge tits that just loves to be used and abused, she really can’t get enough sex. She agreed to do a scene for Public Disgrace knowing she would get a public fucking but not caring, public humiliation is a fair trade off for sex. She is stripped in front of strangers who are then invited to help which they do by forcing her head onto Randy Spears cock giving a forced deepthroat blowjob. She is gagged, tied and blindfolded and has her tits felt and pussy played with by strangers before they use an electric butt plug on her. They pinch her nipples as she gives them handjobs before she gets a public spanking. They write on her tits and put pegs on her nipples before she is publicly fucked and gets covered in come. She is held down by her tits and felt up by everyone in this great scene which can be found at publicdisgrace.com.

Harmony Rose In The Most Public Sex Scene Ever

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Harmony Rose returns to Public Disgrace in one of the most public sex videos around. Sex in public is getting more popular but a lot of it is faked, as you can see from this public humiliation scene which is filmed in such a popular and well known area as well as very populated from the picture above. She starts off wearing ems pads and a vibrator on her clit under just a coat with hundreds of people around as she stands silently and has multiple orgasms. She walks naked through a train and gives a forced blowjob then when the train stops she is tied up in tight bondage, fucked in public and another forced blowjob leads to come dripping from her chin. Lastly she is handcuffed to a lamp-post in a very populated area and her coat left open by Reinhard for everyone to see. A great clip from Public Disgrace that can also be found on Kink On Demand.

19 Year Old Sashe Yungs Public Sex Gang Bang

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When 19 year old Sasha asked for this scene from Public Disgrace she claimed she had only ever had sex with 3 people. They decided to match that and more so they tied her up standing up, put nipple clamps on her and let everyone have their way with her. A ballgag was used while a vibrator was used on her but was soon removed for the many forced blowjobs she had to perform before being fucked in public. This public fucking was from more than one guy and to make sure she was publicly humiliated they were invited to come on her face. Before that happened though she had a mouth clamp put into place so she had to swallow come from strangers. This and many other sex in public scenes can be found here or at Kink on Demand.

Amy Brooke Double Penetrated In Public


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Amy Brooke is blindfolded and tied with her hands above her head and the audience are offered the chance of coming on stage and feeling her ass. After that her ass is whipped by two to the point where she has to have a ballgag fitted before taking fingers in her ass while they whip her tits.

They play a game then asking her to gues how many fingers they have in her ass, they eventually get 9 fingers in her ass before they push her limits by fisting her ass. She is stretched on tiptoe while an Hitachi is used on her clit and her tits are whipped before giving a forced deepthroat with a cattle prod used when she doesn’t swallow cock deep enough.

Nipple clamps and an ass hook are fitted before she is fucked from behind while the clamps are ripped off. James Deen ass fucks her while the asshook is still in. She is fingered by members of the audience and spitroast with a strapon in her ass and swallowing cock deep. She is double penetrated then while swallowing cock as well before they cum on her face while she is again being ass fisted. You can see Amy Brooke taking a public fucking at Public Disgrace.

Mouthy Amy Faye Gets A Public Fucking


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Amy is way to mouthy so is handed over to the one domme who can handle her, Ariel X. Ariel takes her to an art gallery, bends her over into stocks and spanks her ass till it’s red. Her panties are stripped off and she is fingered then face fucked by a willing art lover. Her ass is whipped as she chokes on cock but they soon release her to bend her over and be fucked from behind.

Ariel gets her pussy licked by Amy before fingering her ass. A little more backchat and Ariel comes up with a better punishment, fisting her pussy hard till she screams. An Hitachi is held on her sore clit while she is being ass fucked and Ariel rides her tongue. Bent over next while the Hitachi is jammed onto her clit while still being ass fucked soon has her take orgasm after orgasm.

Ariel writes all over her then gets her to mount cock before joining in and strapon fucking her ass for a painful double penetration. She is made to lie on her back next as she has her face splattered in cum and is made to lick the cock clean. She is left tied naked to a cross in the middle of the gallery. You can see Amys public humiliation at Public Disgrace.

Model Franceska Jaimes Public Caning

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Franceska Jaimes has been in the famous Penthouse so you can imagine what she looks like. She was happy to do this scene though being very proud of her body but it was harder than she expected. She was stripped naked and put in metal shackles the dumped in a public square.

She was made to walk up and down while onlookers stared and took pictures. She has her ass caned while the people continue taking pictures before having her tits whipped. Nipple clamps are attached before she is bent over railigs to have her pussy and ass fingered. Her ass is fisted before being fucked form behind by James Deen while Princess Donna licks her pussy.

She is made to give a forced blowjob then ride cock as people stop and stare. She is led into a bar and made to suck cock again then lick pussy. She is bent over the bar to be fucked then others invited to get an handjob from her. She pleases everyone while others take pictures. You can see Franceska fucked in public at Public Disgrace.

Lucy Bell At Public Disgrace

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Lucy Bell has her hands tied behind her and is walked through the town losing clothing every few steps until she is totally naked. Passersby stare at her until they reach a park where she is tied to a tree on her knees where Steve Holmes gets a forced deepthroat from her.

He whips her tits as he forces more and more cock down her neck then whips her pussy as people watch from the trees. Next she is in a car park with her arms bound behind her and made to crawl on her knees to him where she swallows cock once more. She is made to ride him then fucked from behind before being led from the garage down the street.

Her arms and legs are put in stocks as he fucks her on her back. He fucks her hard then gets another blowjob before he leaves his cum on her face. She is then driven back to a very public bridge which she is made to walk across naked with the cum still on her face. You can see Lucy having public sex at Public Disgrace.

Cassandra Cruz Doesn’t do Public Humiliation

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When they led Cassandra Cruz into a sex shop and stripped her off they were expecting her to be unhappy about the public humiliation. She seemed to enjoy it evn getting wet at the idea. She was bent over and had her pussy spanked as a form of punishment before having her nipples squeezed and offered to other customers to feel.

Nipple clamps are attached and she is tied to a pole with her legs open and an Hitachi wand used to bring her to orgasm. Any customer is offered to touch her where they want and with the blindfold on she has no idea who. She is made to swallow cock balls deep while strangers feel her tits then she is made to swallow two cocks at the same time.

She is fucked from behind while giving a forced deepthroat and being whipped. The spitroast continues in all different positions and all the while she is being felt up by the customers. At the end she is sat on the floor s the guys use her as a cum bucket. You can see Cassandra Cruz take a public fuck at Public Disgrace.