Penny Pax Takes Public Humiliation

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Penny Pax is marched through the streets by Lorelei Lee wearing a flimsy dress, tied and gagged. Outside the hotel she is bent over and a buttplug is inserted and she has her pussy rubbed before being marched to a room full of strangers. Stripped and bent over they spank her ass, slap her tits then turn her over to whip her pussy.

Fingered then pussy fisted before she has her nipples pinched and twisted then made to kneel and beg to be face fucked. Karlo Karrera is more than happy to oblige, fucking her face then bending her over the couch to fuck her pussy. Lorelei holds an Hitachi on her pussy then as he fucks her ass. She is led around the room asking people to feel her tits before Lorelei has her turn at using her.

Bent over Penny is made to take a foot in her pussy then suck her toes before being bent over to be ass fucked again. They then try and get as many fingers as possible in all her holes, Lorelei gets all 10 in. Ass slapped, fingered, stick dildos in all her holes, tits whipped and covered in cum make a nice conclusion to the big scene. You can see Penny Pax give a forced blowjob and take a public fucking at Public Disgrace.

Bonnie Day Ass Fucked In Public

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Bonnie Day is in for a treat. They put blackout contacts in her eyes so she can’t see anything then display her in a shop window. Her skirt is lifted and a buttplug inserted as people stop outside the window and take pictures. She is made to keep her ass up as a stranger is invited to finger her pussy.

She has her pussy spanked then fingered by strangers again before Princess Donna shoved the buttplug in Bonnies mouth. An Hitachi on her clit and Donna fingering her while having her ass spanked brings her to orgasm. Donna then goes further and fists her pussy. She is put up against the counter then where Mark Davis fucks her ass while she has her tits slapped.

She is made to cum over and over then bent over a chair to be fucked from behind while strangers dump their cum on her. She has 2 zippers placed from her pussy to her tits and ripped off then is made to give a forced deepthroat. She is made to jerk off anybody that gets hard including strangers until they cum on her then has her pussy spanked. She finishes off ebing made to cum over and over by anybody and everybody. You can see Bonnie Day fucked in public at Public Disgrace.

Riley Reid Fisted In Public

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Riley Reid is one tough girl but they pushed her to her limits in this public humiliation scene. She starts off in a straight jacket having her face slapped hard by Xander Corvus. She is bent over to have her pussy fingered and ass spanked before being pussy fucked with a stick dildo while having her ass whipped.

Screaming too loud means being gagged and not keeping her eyes open meant a harder ass whipping. Her mouth is held open as they face fuck her balls deep while being fingered and ass whipped. She has her head put through a wooden wall so her pussy can be used by anyone one side while she is face fucked on the other.

She licks Chanels pussy while being fucked from behind the wall then made to fit 2 cocks in her mouth together. Led on her back she is fucked while her mouth is fulled with cock and using both hands on 2 other cocks pleasing 4 men together. She is made to cum over and over again as she has her pussy spanked, tits slapped and face fucked. Her mouth is held wide open as they take turns cumming in her mouth. You can see Riley Reid take a public gang bang at Public Disgrace.

Elaina Raye Forced Public Humiliation

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Elaine Raye is led into a convenience store, tied up and offered around to anyone who wants to use her. Her top is ripped off so they can slap her tits then her bottom half stripped so she can be bent over and ass spanked. She is fingered then fucked with a stick dildo while and Hitachi is held on her clit.

Next she is made to suck cock and gives her first ever deepthroat until tears are dripping down her face. She also sucks balls before being led on the counter and a vibrator used to bring her to multiple orgasms as the staff film it. More deepthroat follows then she is fucked from behind while having her clit rubbed through even more orgasms.

She finally gets his cock balls deep down her neck before being lifted onto his cock to be fucked some more. After more orgasms she is led down for some more fucking while having her tits slapped red. She has her head shoved in a freezer while being fucked some more as ice is rubbed all over her. You can see Elaina Raye give forced blowjob at Public Disgrace.

Jayden Lee Fisted In Public

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Jayden Lee is a porn star but is new to the kink scene so they couldn’t resist testing her out. She is tied sitting on a table with her arms behind her back to have her tits tied after her clothers are cut from her. A blindfold and gag are used before they whip her pussy and legs then whip her tits till they’re red. The gag is removed so she can give a forced deepthroat and is made to suck balls before she is shallow fisted to orgasm with the help of an Hitachi on her clit.

She is bent over the table to be ass fucked then have her ass shallow fisted as well. Led on the table next she is ass fucked some more with an Hitachi on her clit again till she is begging to cum. She has her pussy fisted and an Hitachi held on all the while being denied orgasm. Made to suck cock while being ass fucked takes a turn for the worse as her tits are grabbed and she is yanked deeper onto his cock. Placed on her side she is fisted once more before being made to sit on cock. She is made to beg to cum but in the end is denied once more.

She is bent over to be fucked from behind again before going back to their favourite past time, this time fisting her ass. They takes turns, alternating between fucking her ass and fisting her pussy until she is almost crying for release. Finally taking pity they lay her on her back and fist her pussy to a squirting orgasm. They don’t let up though and keep fisting her well past the point of pleasure. You can see Jayden Lee ass fisted in public at Public Disgrace.

Penny Pax Ass Fisted In Public

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Penny Pax expressed an interest in public humiliation and was soon on her way as they dragged her topless into a bar after tying her tits and putting a board around her neck saying what an whore she is. She has her skirt lifted, knickers removed and a tape gag used as she is led over to the bar and has her pussy zapped. They slap her pussy then before shallow fisting her pussy as a warmup. They hold her legs open to take a proper pussy fisting while having her tits slapped.

They take turns, first fucking her pussy then fisting it while her legs are held open then they change holes to fuck her ass before she is made to give a forced deepthroat. She has her ass spanked then is put on the bar bending over with a lemon in her mouth as she is ass fucked in public. She is face fucked before they finally get around to fisting her ass. She is soon screaming in pain before being ass fucked some more.

She has her pussy slapped hard followed by her tits then is fucked while having the zapper used on her. They spread her ass hole till it’s gaping then zap it making her scream. Everyone is invited to finger her at the same time before she is ass fisted while an Hitachi on her clit brings her to orgasm. She has her ass whipped, tits slapped and fucked with a bottle while held down. More face fucking, double penetration and ass fucking before taking a face full of cum follow. This is a must see and a really long scene so to watch Penny Pax ass fisted in public go to Public Disgrace.

Public Sex Bondage Gang Bang

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This was to be a test for a new site but a test was never really needed. The new site will be Bondage Gang Bang and will include the obvious, bondage gang bang as well as some of the most extreme sex ever including double vaginal and double penetration most of which is public sex.

In this trial Seda plays a mental patient who gets abused by one of the orderlys, made to suck his cock while hanging upside down. When she reports it to her doctor she finds out that her doctor is using this as therapy. Her doctor puts her into solitary and has her hands tied above her head before the gang all join her.

They blindofld Seda then fuck her from behind before they all get a forced blowjob from her that is balls deep. She is bent over and fucked from behind then is made to mount a guy for some double penetration before taking two cocks in her pussy. Seda is tied on her back with her legs in the air and has her pussy slapped before a vibrator on her sore clit is used to get another orgasm from her. You can see Seda in this Bondage Gang Bang test at Public Disgrace.

Public Fucking Of Charley Chase

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When Princess Donna hires Charley Chase to be a maid she had bigger plans for her. After serving drinks with her hands tied behind her back she is made to strip and get on the table. On all fours she is fucked with a dildo on a stick while the guests watch.

She is made to swallow another dildo while they all squeeze her tits. An Hitachi on her clit leaves her having loads of squirting orgasms soaking the table before she is put into suspension bondage for Donna to slap her pussy. They take turns fucking her pussy while she is tied helpless.

She is let down and made to ride cock while giving forced blowjobs as the Hitachi rips more painful orgasms from her. She is then bent over to be fucked from behind before having her mouth held open so they can cum in her mouth. She is held down for the others to finish fucking her pussy. You can see Charley giving forced blowjobs at Public Disgrace.

Audrey Hollander Double Penetrated In Public Bar

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Audrey Hollander gets all her holes abused in this public sex scene. She is led into a bar on a rope with her hands tied behind her and a ballgag in her mouth. She has her ass slapped before the gag is removed for her to give a forced deepthroat blowjob.

She is made to swallow two cocks then bent over to be pussy fucked. She takes double penetration while sucking cock before they stretch her holes wider with two cocks in her ass for a double anal. Next she is fisted in the ass while being pussy fucked and having her head held down for a balls deep blowjob.

She takes two cocks in her pussy and is led down to be zapped with a cattle prod while a vibrator on her sensitive clit brings her orgasms as she is made to lick pussy. I can’t call this public humiliation because Audrey seemed to really enjoy all the attention the slut. You can see her get all her holes filled at Public Disgrace.

MILF Sexy Susi Public Humiliation

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Sexy Susi is a MILF who has said she has no shame. She is also a self confessed sex addict so this scene was perfect for her. She starts off being made to carry a mattress through the town centre then meets up with Zenza Raggi who strips her clothes off and makes her continue walking.

She is then led down a tunnel and made to sit on her mattress as she gives a titty fuck and is face fucked in public. She is made to walk through the streets before being led on a bench and fucked. She has her tits tied and is bent onto all fours as he fucks her pussy while fingering her ass.

They walk through town some more before she is made to ride cock while he fucks her ass in public. She is made to give a balls deep face fuck before he comes all over her face. You can see Sexy Susi take public humiliation at Public Disgrace.