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Jacqueline is led into a crowded street on a leash and stripped naked. A board is placed around her neck asking for money for clothes then her hands are tied behind her back and she is walked naked through the crowded streets as traffic goes by.

She is tied to a lamp post by Tommy pistol who then uses a vibrator on her. He fingers her pussy before getting a public blowjob from her. She is led down a tunnel and bent over to have her ass spanked while others are offered the chance to join in. She is soon being fingered and fucked in public by passers by.

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Sasha has come back for a second go at public fucking so they made it harder this time. She is led into a bar, stripped and made to go on all fours as they tip beer on her head. They make her suck wet socks and feet before taking it in turns to spread her ass and finger her ass.

She has her tits whipped hard and is made to drink from a bowl before getting back to sucking dirty feet. She has a foot shoved in her pussy while a vibrator on her clit makes her come and all the time she is sucking feet and toes used to stretch her nipples.

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Paris Pink is stripped naked and tied to a post in a public square with a ballgag in her mouth. After the onlookers have taken some pictures she is led to a train station where she has nipple clamps put on her, her clit flicked hard and then she is made to give a forced deepthroat blowjob.

Led into the tunnel she has Free Fuck written on her and is blindfolded before she is fucked by Tommy Pistol. Once he has finished she is cuffed to a post to be used by anyonw. She is used by a couple then led to a public field where she is tied spreadeagled and fucked form behind while having her tits whipped.

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Cassidy Lynn and Natasha Nice go into an adult book store for a laugh but end up going into private booths to watch some films. All the guys in the store notice them and follow them using the glory holes to stick their cocks through. Up for some fun the girls starts sucking cock but get more than they bargained for.

The doors fly open and soon there is too much cock for just the two of them to handle but it’s too late to back out. Pretty soon they are both stripped and wearing leashes while guys fondle their tits and slap them about. They are made to swallow cock and their tits are rubbed against each other as their pussies are rubbed.

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Cece Stone Has Too Many Orgasms

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Cece Stone is tied fully clothed to some metal pipes standing up and spreadeagled in front of an audience at the start of this scene. She is stripped and the audience take turns using fingers and a vibrator to force orgasms from her before it becomes a free for all and others join in by adding pegs on her tits.

She is blindfolded gagged and used before zippers are ripped from her body. She is released from the bars but still with her hands behind her back she is made to give a forced deepthroat to any man that wants it. Once that is done she has her mouth violated by stick dildos before being made to go along a line of men giving deepthroat blowjobs.

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Aliz is stripped naked, a collar and leash applied and walked into a local park on her hands and knees, being made to bark in a scene of public humiliation. She is also made to give a public blowjob to Steve Holmes before having her tits tied, pegs on her nipples and being ass fucked. Nipple clamps replace the pegs and she has her tits whipped then while still being publicly fucked in the ass. She is further publicly humiliated when she is tied to a park bench with her legs wide open to either side of the bench for passers by to stare at. A great scene with a really stunning girl who has no inhibitions whatsoever, this can be found here at Public Disgrace.

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Sasha Knox admitted she wanted to try something new with a load of people so Public Disgrace came up with this idea. She was led into a room, stripped and tied in tight bondage. Once helpless she has her tits whipped, pegs on her nipples and is fingered by many till she’s ready to come then denied orgasm at the last minute. She has high heels used in an unusual tit torture before being blindfolded and tied with her legs wide open. She has a public fuck in the ass while giving a forced blowjob to five other men while having her nipples pinched. She’s tied onto a sybian having forced orgasm after orgasm then made to sit on a vibrator while the men all come over her face. The last bit of public humiliation comes while they all watch on as a cattle prod is used on her pussy. Watch the full scene here or at Kink on Demand.

Courtney Taylor Fucked In A Gallery


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Courtney Taylor is led into a public gallery, tied to a post with her arms above her head and has a gag fitted before her clothes are cut from her in front of the crowd. A message is written above her pussy saying make me cum and it isn’t long before a few volunteers come forward to suck on her tits.

She is released and bent over a table to be fingered before giving a forced deepthroat blowjob. She takes Bills cock balls deep before being bent over to be fucked from behind. Next she has her ass whipped then is fucked again while her big tits are tortured. Still swallowing cock she is fingered to orgasm after orgasm then tied bending over to the pole to be fucked from behind again.

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Bianca Stone Fucked In Public

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Bianca wants to try out a new thing for her, sex in public so Lorelei has her hand out slips of paper to passers by, most of which say things like “will you fuck me”. By the time they get to the party Lorelei has her tied on one leg wearing a ballgag and using a cattle prod to make her pull down her knickers while her hands are tied.

After finally tearing her knickers off the crowd use scissors to cut her dress off her then all use zappers all over her body. An Hitachi is used on her clit through a crotch rope before she is made to piss herself then hosed down. They finger her pussy as she is made to give forced deepthroat and a large buttplug fitted in her ass.

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Donna Bell asked to do a sex in public scene and was so sexy the guys at Public Disgrace couldn’t refuse. She is fucked on the pavement of a busy road by Zenza Raggi after giving a forced deepthroat blowjob then led to an underpass to a load of guys wearing nothing but her skirt. She is made to give them handjobs and they are invited to feel her tits and ass before she is led onto a bus full of people. She is forced onto her hands and knes and once again the people are invited to feel her up before she is handcuffed to poles and ass fucked in public by Zenza again. She is left with her hands cuffed to poles either side with come on her face to ride the rest of the bus trip.